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  1. I'm still the only italian S3iste ps:sorry if it's a long time i dont write here..but university this year it's quite hard so.. A bientot Vittorio
  2. 225s3

    AudiPassion et RsClub

    I've some problem with my internet-connection....i'll send it to you as soon as possible...
  3. 225s3

    AudiPassion et RsClub

    no problem..i'll send u some other pics of the meeting as soon as possible by mail ok? [probably next week]
  4. In March RsClub [my italian audi club] met Philippe and Troopery [i think] on the highway..but yesterday there was the first static fact I've met narcose [Claude] here in Liguria.. Everything started in a strange way..i knew he has some italian relatives, three days ago I've seen a CH's S4 and i've tried to send him a message...his answer was "yeah, was me!" Then we managed to meet yestarday...and...there it goes.. A bientot Claude!!!
  5. 225s3

    Recensement des membres de la TGT

    Metal for me S3 metal '03 A bientot Vittorio
  6. Has anyone of you a pic about an S3 Argent with blsck windows? [fumè I mean..] Thanx Boys! A bientot
  7. Welcome from an italian friend and congratulation for your CAR!!!
  8. fabolous!!! take it!!!!!!!!! wonderful color, in just one word: FANTASTIC!!!
  9. perfect...we're waiting for them so!!! cya Vittorio
  10. I'll tell you what we had thought: we'd like to go to TopMarques Show in Monaco saturday 7th May and then we planned to stop for the night that case if you will be there saturday evening [i dont think the show it will be so 2/3 hours we should check it!] and sunday too we could meet.... i've just read the other topic...i'd really like to join all the TOUR, but university dont allow me to lose so many days due to exams...unfortunatly... Anyway I'll continue lookin at the discussion and I'll tell you some news soon...
  11. Hey Which is the program of the Tour??? So that i can tell it to the others and then we'll decide what to do... waitin for a reply Vittorio
  12. Hey friends!!! Amazingly I have to tell you that the wheels of the golf are....the original santamonica 17'' !!!! Yeah...the fact is that he has the KW regolable Suspansion...and they were set at the "HIGH" level becasue they had to should have to look at it when set in the Low touch the road by the exhausts..hihihihih!!! Compliment for yo car Philippe...i supposed it was you...but i want sure due to the wheels...hihihi!!! I hope to see you soon maybe in France...ah, the 7th of May i would be at the Monaco TOP MARQUES...if u will be there we could meet! A bientot Vittorio
  13. Here I am after being to Genève AutoShow... During the trip in the French Highway I've seen a Yellow S3 with the Logo "RS3" and the stick "" i've written down my name on a piece of sheet and showed it thorugh the window....and so...on the French Highway has taken place the first Italian-French Meeting!!!!!!! I wasnt on my S3, but on a A3 3,2 of a friend of mine [the one at the wheel], and with me there were some friend of my club...the one near to me has an s3 too and the one in front on the right has a Golf R32...also the black Golf GTI behind our A3 was with us!!! See you soon so french friends!!!! Vittorio

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