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  1. dreamhope


    it's already leaking apparently they used the generic fluid which is red
  2. dreamhope


    recharged a/c now works fine
  3. They told me I could pick up my car today. I went 5 hours to the ****ing ghetto, and was told to come back on Tuesday (5 p.m., who would venture into Stains at 5 p.m.?). I asked them to write down that the car would be ready on Wednesday. The ******* went crazy and threatened not to do the repair. I'll do this again on Wednesday. There's nothing else I could do. The banks don't do chargebacks. The lawyers want only money, which I wouldn't spend on this piece of crap. I can't really get anything from the court anyway, because they can do what they're doing all the time and not leave any evidence. At the end, it's me who 'ask them not to repair' or two years are over and it's out of their ****ing warranty. Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit
  4. dreamhope


    OK, it's an American thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chargeback