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    Touareg 3.0 TDI V6.
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    V6 3.0
  1. Did you follow the tutorial in the router DNS configuration ? What does the diag says ? By the way GE seems not anymore an active service ...
  2. When I added the AP with the client connected to the home SSID, the AP was present. As soon as I modified the client SSID to match the CAR one, the AP was not shown. When in the car, client correctly connected and the AP started to be visible. Yes, probably if both AP and client share the same channel, AP might work even without the client connected.... to be tested but in "Auto" way I am sure the car connects. MMI AP still allows connection but no way to ping google... firewall in the car is most probable responsible. The back-up is on another PC but I will PM it as soon as I can.
  3. Just a short update and fina fix of my issue. I updated ROOter FW to the latest. Starting with a fresh install I followed you seggestion but as soon as I created the client with an hotspot, the AP disappeared. This is in line with my previous thought ... the client and the AP share the same radio 0 and therefore the client has a priority in choosing the signal channel etc... After that I modified the client SSID to match the one of the car and created the new AP. The new AP is available only when the client is connected otherwise to AP. The ROOter tutorial therefore is perfectly working and tested for few hours in the car :)
  4. WOW. good idea, I did not thing about this. I have already posted in the ROOTer forum other questions and I'm waiting answers before to ask again :) For the moment thank you very much I will apply for this job in the new year and will be back to document the fix (if fixed :))
  5. Yes frankiegom, this is quite easy. Now I have RNS850 that get internet access from router TL-MR3020 in client mode (GE is working well etc...). The problem is that if I try to connect my mobile to the AP of RNS850 I do not have access to internet (probably there is an firewall blocking and I do not know how to bypass it). I thought that an easier way might be to open a AP on the router side so that my mobile can connect to that AP and have free access to internet. The problem is that after having configured the AP on the router side, this is not visible (no SSID). I am doing all the tests at home without having MR3020 client connected to RNS850 so I am not sure that the AP should show anyhow (radio 0 is reserved and shared with the client connected to the car). I hope I have been clear otherwise ask me :)
  6. I have the 2016 version. I remeber one user that managed to do that but I cannot find anymor the topic. It was linked to the ROOter old site version. Now not anymore visible.
  7. Hello guys, I tried to open an AP on my TL-MR3020 and I followed the tutorial on the ROOter site: Unfortunately, the wifi SSID is not appearing in the list of available SSID. I tried in all the possible ways but I did not manage. May be this is something related to the paricular configuration of our use . I remember someone managed to do this on this forum but I could not find anymore the instruction.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have seen the forum but I do not have mean to get log because I have not so much time to attach my PC to the router in the car. i will make a try of the latest release to see if by chance it solves the issue. One question may be is Worth: I have seen that Fw upgrade shall be done without maintaining settings. can we reload settings from a back-up or I have to reconfigure the router from scratch ?
  9. A new release has been adedd on the download site. Do someone know what are the changes ? I have the issue that if I switch on the router in an area where there are no data, the modem never connects even when data are available. I need to plug/uplug the USB modem to get modem connection.
  10. Excellent. Happy you are again with GE. You also should have Street View if you have SIM module.
  11. Yes. I was exactly thinking about this. You can try to reinstall only the GE module from K0821 FW. This can be done in manual mode and selecting only the GE module.
  12. ON RNS850 (VW Touareg) you can swap Datapst.db but you need to reset your radio stations and othere things. That's why we preferred a script updating it with the necessary information. It would be nice to make some reverse on your DataPST.db and see what is changed.
  13. @silvinnio If you have VCDS and diagnostic data cable, you can try the following: 1) activate green menu (with VCDS or dedicated script) 2) activate CAR-NET: 5F--> Adaptation 10, canal 69 insert value 32783 3) run GE_ENABLE script Some RNS850 users were succesfull in this way. Otherwise you can edit the script as suggested by frankiegom; in this way you will have in the log a fail on the fairmode install that is exactly what you need: #launch script (comment next line if not necessary for RNS850 system with SIM) #/scripts/Connectivity/ if [ "$?" -ne "0" ]; then echo -ne $(getTime) " - step 20 Failed Launch script\r\n" >> $SAVPath/log.txt errnum=1 else echo -ne $(getTime) " - step 20 Success Launch script\r\n" >> $SAVPath/log.txt fi ....
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