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    Audi TT
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    2.0 tsi

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  1. Hi guys! My TT (late 2014!) has the "ancient" firmware of the VC "8S0 920790". The software version is "0221" and OBDELEVEN tell me that there is a "0295" version available. Now, MY carplay (retrofitted, infact I have update MMI @1339 version) works properly but without icon. I have heard that a guy namede #carplay on Telegram can do the job of update my VC. Anynod of you have done this work with him? Is safe? I have the fear to brick my unit..... PS if I will do the job of updating VC will I see the mode of the car under the revs? "dynamic" "confort" "individual" ecc.?? Now I don't see them... Thank you very much for your help!! A big hug from Italy! Jacopo
  2. Do you see the icon of audi smartphone interface on your 2014 TT?
  3. Sorry don't understand. Will work with a 790 or only with a 790A or B?
  4. Look at the file, at this page: Maybe can interest you!!
  5. Yes but for all 2020 It would be possibile to view Google mom on her Q2 view Google in my TT After update the system on Maps settings menù I have "Electric Autonomy" 🤔
  6. News about use Google Maps After updating and installing carplay? Thanx you
  7. My friend....I have a normal TT Sorry...but I'm pretty sure this feature Is only for have to change V.C...
  8. HEllo to all! I have activated Android Auto on my 2015 TT. Everything works very well, but I don't have the menù Audi Smartphone interface on my VC. I can use Siri botton to activate it. PS Google earth is missed! Anyone of you was able to reactivate it?? Thank you Jacopo
  9. In these days I tried others adaptions and nothing to do! There must be a problem with these three that I can't active! Internal SIM TELEPHONE TELEPHONE DATA SERVICES. all of three are unavailable.... I will try with vcds...thank you for your help!
  10. Yeah you are right!! The lateral body and the rear doesn't worth the price!! The front is wonderful. Is completly interchangeably the non Sline with the Sline? Or we Need other hidden piece? Thank you mate
  11. Have you a shop in eBay that you can suggest to me? PS the lateral and the rear are no Sline? Correct?
  12. Hi Benoit, yesterday I try to use security access code but nothing has changed. I can't modify this: Internal SIM card, use: automatic Telephone: Data & language service active Telephone data services: On All of three of this returned to me the message "function not available"...the other functions in veichle configuration seem to be ok and the phone_NAD is ok and turned ON. Google maps doesn't work... sometimes I see It in the menù, sometimes the menù "maps settings" there isn't! PS how about the traffic? Which Number have you inserted? Traffic is like google maps. Sometimes is in the menù, sometimes there isn't!!! Thank you for your help
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