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  1. he is selling the rims and tyres (not sure the size of the tyres) for 1000€! 255 will look bad! too much tyre and wont fit. First you will need spacers at the front (i had 16mm on the 4 wheels) and you must put 245 or 235 to fit. I advise 235 wich look nice!
  2. I bought directly the B8! I think you are confused lol! A friend of mine wich had the B6 he transformed his avant to RS4 B7! Not me... no i dont.... but a friend of mine have. They are 5x112 19x10 et 45!
  3. Hi Guys Was created a new FB Page, hope you like and Share Thanks
  4. Rotiform IND 19x10 et25 225 35 19 Photosession Porto/Matosinhos
  5. Photosession and Report:
  6. yeah! I have yellow fogs.... I will put a little more yellow :)
  7. yess i have: no. Just coilovers ;)
  8. Bought on 2 rear more 4. I have 2 front wheels in my garage :P :P u might know that b6. before:
  9. my engine is a 2.0 TDI 143hp. and that is not a RS4. Is a B6 PD130!!! :P but yes, he have full RS4 B7, inside and outside ;)
  10. Some photos of this weekend in Serra da Estrela!! [mg]https://fbcdn-sphoto...978844834_n.jpg[/img] [img]https://fbcdn-sphoto...722752786_n.jpg[/img]
  11. lol! "of Nothing" in Portuguese Means " de nada" wich means the same of Mike wanted to say.... so I uderstand that!! :D More photos? I will bring more photos!! :D
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